Connecting with your spiritual side

Connecting with your spiritual side


To begin, let’s explore the term spirituality and what it means. It is a fairly broad term with many nuances, and can mean something different to each one of us.


Spirituality is a term that can be used to describe a sense of connection to a higher power or a desire to know that you are more than what you can sense through your five physical senses. It can involve seeking deeper meanings in life experiences, and looking to find feelings of transcendence, sacredness and interconnectedness that unite all things. It can also entail affiliation with a specific church or religious institution, or following the principles of one faith or another.


As you begin to explore the spiritual aspects of yourself, you will begin to feel an acknowledgement and acceptance of all your gifts, not just the third-dimensional skill set you’ve acquired. You might find your intuition is heightened and that you begin to trust it more. You may feel a sense of Oneness with all things and all people, and that the separation you thought existed before was a fabrication of your ego’s fear. You will also begin to understand that as you heal yourself and all the patterning that keeps you from truly loving yourself, you heal the whole (the collective of humanity, the planet, and beyond).


Spirituality is not an academic exercise, or a matter of understanding concepts rationally. It is a marriage of mind and heart, an embodied sense of knowing that comes of allowing life to change you, teach you and grow you. Spirituality can be sought, it can be explored, but its true depth and meaning can only be grasped in the venue of Self. As you begin to know, love and accept yourself, you feel your connection to all things deepen. As you release judgements of your past mistakes, patterns and belief systems, you open up to infinite potential that exists in the realm of spirit.


There are many ways to connect to your spiritual side, or to begin to explore what lies beyond what you see, hear and taste in the physical realm. The following are a few ideas to help you get started.


1) Don’t believe everything you (physically) hear/see


Your feelings are an incredible tool to guide you to the magic that lies beyond what you see and hear. If you are feeling frustrated by the negativity, fear or pain you experience when faced with the news, family stories, or your own thoughts, find ways to disconnect from them. For instance, you could stop listening to mainstream news, and instead find more uplifting alternatives online. All news has bias in that whoever is reporting it, and whoever owns the media channel has a (potentially unconscious) bias towards one way of thinking. This may not be obvious, but energetically you pick up on it as you partake of the news.


If you spend a lot of time in a state of resistance, fear, depression, anxiety or apathy, that is a good indicator that you may need to find ways to find ways to connect spiritually. It could be as simple as taking a walk and remembering the beauty of nature. It could be meditation or prayer. It could be taking two minutes to clear your head and sense the essence of your expansive and divine self. Feelings are a beautiful gauge to tell you when you’re disconnected, as the further you are from peace, joy and love is an indicator that you are out of alignment with your spiritual truth.


This includes things you hear or see in the physical realm. As an energetic being, you are easily influenced by the world around you, and that includes what people say to you or what you see happening around you. But that is not the whole truth, it is only an aspect of a greater truth that cannot be understood without the connection to spirit. Perhaps the hidden message in the wars you see is leading you to a more compassionate viewpoint, which incorporates acceptance of all people as aspects of yourself. Perhaps the gift in the death of a loved one is that you learn to appreciate every moment more fully.


As you approach the world from an observer state, you disconnect from the personal slights or triggers that would have upset you before. You begin to view the world as a benevolent and beautiful place that conspires with you to create a dream life. You remove the labels of victim or disempowered pawn and replace them with creator and active participant. You allow for situations to be neutral, and your choices stem from a feeling of resonance (yes!) or dissonance (no!). There is not judgement in this state, but observation and discernment.


2) Believe the magic


Have you ever had an experience where you asked for something and it showed up almost immediately, but you discounted it because it was too good to be true or impossible to believe? Well, it’s time to start believing in the possibility that things really are that easy. If you ask, it will be delivered. Sometimes it doesn’t look exactly the way you’d hoped, and that’s where it helps to remain in a state of openness and trust.


There’s a great example of this in the film Evan Almighty. Morgan Freeman, who plays the character of God, says, ‘If someone prays for patience, do you think God gives them patience, or does he give them the opportunity to be patient?’ A-ha. That’s where the capacity for openness and the observer state are key. If you ask for what you want and remain open to receiving an answer, be prepared to be moved, changed and transformed in the receiving of it. ‘Please heal my relationship’ might entail the ending of your relationship, followed by major shifts in your perception, and a reunion with your partner in which the relationship feels brand new thanks to your willingness to do the inner work. Things are not always as they seem (as #1 suggested).


You can easily start playing with this as a way to develop your trust muscles. Ask for what you want, starting with something small if it seems easier. Say you need a new pair of shoes, just state it clearly, being as specific as you like (it helps to say what size, for instance) and see what happens over the next few hours or days. Release the HOW, and allow for whatever shows up to be an answer to your prayer. If you try to limit the potential channels through which the shoes can come, you might miss the magic as they try to reach you from elsewhere. For instance, if you say, ‘I need to buy a new pair of shoes,’ you miss out on them being given to you as a gift, or finding them.


There is magic everywhere, and there is a multitude of ways it can be shown to you if you allow it.


3) Look for signs


This is an aspect of the magic we just discussed. If you ask for something, or for an answer, and then you see a number of symbols or signs that feel like they’re trying to tell you something, trust that. Find a website or other resource that helps you define the meaning behind the signs. Quite often the signs will feel out of place, or will appear very obvious where you hadn’t noticed them before. This is where your openness to accepting messages is so valuable. You may receive a sign that feels cryptic or uncertain, but if you’re willing to accept it as a sign, you’ll find that there are myriad ways to connect to spirit in every moment.


Some signs are incredibly obvious, like a poster or advertisement with words that answer your query exactly. These ones are much harder to overlook than the ones that come as animals, stones or feathers. Sometimes they will be immediate, sometimes it will take a few days, weeks or months to arrive. Sometimes signs show up as instant confirmations to a query, but the accompanying manifestation takes longer to form. Trust and patience are vital to this process. As you begin your communion with spirit, you will find a journey into some unusual and uncommon territory. No one else can decipher for you what it all means, and trusting your own sense of inner knowing makes it easier.


4) Feel your way


Spirit moves in mysterious ways. And one of its ways is to move you, emotionally and physically. You may find yourself with a longing to be in another place on the Earth, which can’t be logically explained or understood. It may be a longing so powerful that it overwhelms you with emotion and becomes a near-obsession. You will feel, with a deep inner knowing, what you want to do, where you want to be, and who you want to be with. It may defy any sensible explanation or go against all your rational processes, but it will feel right somehow.


Another way that spirit moves you is by encouraging you to release anything that no longer serves you. It encourages you to change, so that your perspective on the world becomes more expansive. It will show you what you need to do to make the changes, and if you don’t follow, they may be made for you. You will feel the truth emerge as a beautiful and sometimes painful awakening to the fullness of you. The limitations you may have felt before will fall away and leave you feeling vulnerable, open and powerful. It moves you to remember who you were before you came to Earth, who you are beneath the human suit you wear.


It is helpful to surrender to the flow of the changes, or you may be swept away by them. This is how spirit moves.


5) Find tools and resources that offer you guidance


There have been thousands upon thousands of different books and articles written which cover every aspect of the spiritual journey. There are coaches, counsellors, energy workers, intuitive practitioners, and others who can offer their perspective on it. It’s up to you to find the ones that feel resonant for you. Again, it comes back to the advice from #1: don’t believe everything you hear/see.


Just because someone has studied with a world-renowned guru or has seventeen certificates in different healing modalities doesn’t mean they have any more insight into or authority on what is right for you. Just because they channel an Archangel or embody an Ascended Master doesn’t give them unlimited access to what you need for your expansion. Use your own sense of knowing to discern which messages feel true to you. You will know if you feel your heart and energy expand as you engage with them. If you feel constriction or hear alarm bells in your head, it’s not right. That’s not to say they’re not legitimate and can’t help other people, it simply means you need to look elsewhere for your guidance.


If you’re called to use tarot cards or other divination tools, go for it. They can act as triggers to intuitive insights and provide support in remaining objective. Tools like this have an energy of their own, which means they do not bend to your will, so if you approach them with gratitude and openness, you will find they provide wise and helpful counsel. If you have an agenda when you approach them, you may be disappointed.


There are also many groups, classes, seminars, and web-based resources that provide different ways to explore your spirituality. These include meditation and body-based energy movement (yoga, qi-gong, etc); tools and tips to raise your vibration; ways to use energy as healing, etc. You’ll know which ones feel right for you, and it’s fun to try different ones. It’s a great way to meet people who are at a similar point in their exploration and who you can ‘talk shop’ with.


The keys are to have fun, be open and keep focussing on your expansion. You won’t regret inviting more spirit into your life.


Jenny Griffin

The Power of Change