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I Should Have Loved You More:
In my role as a hospital chaplain, I am often called to be with family as they gather at the bedside of their gravely ill loved one. Sometimes, and in certain circumstances in which a person has no chance of recovery, a family may make the inordinately difficult decision to have the breathing machine shut off that is keeping their beloved alive. “Soon after that…”, it is gently explained to them, “...death will come.” When the phone rings with this news, I go to them as quickly as I can. I stand with them as they stand vigil--watching, waiting, wide-ey...
How Do You Find Love After Loss?
Finding Love after Loss Loss is, unfortunately, one of the givens in life. It is something everyone as a human being will experience at one time or another. One of the challenges of loss, especially when it involves a lover, spouse or partner, is wondering if you’ll ever be able to find love again, or if you’ll want to. It’s human nature to love, and it’s natural to find yourself wanting to spend time with someone whose company you enjoy and who lights your heart on fire. You’ll know when you’re ready to start looking again, because you will feel the...
Developing Healthy Self-esteem
How do you know if you have healthy self-esteem? There’s a certain peace that comes of accepting yourself and your gifts, strengths, and weaknesses. It is freeing to be aware of your capabilities and your limitations without feeling like they are a valuation of your worth or success as a whole person. Healthy self-esteem encompasses self-love, self-respect, a sense of worth, self-knowledge, self-acceptance, boundaries, well-being and self-confidence. It applies to all aspects of life, and allows for a way of being aligned with the highest good for all. Without it, life can feel like...
Dealing with Criticism
First of all, what is criticism? It is an expression of dissatisfaction at the perceived faults or shortcomings of a person, situation or experience. It potentially exists in every moment, and it is up to you whether you accept it or not. Most criticism begins with the self; if you are feeling dissatisfied with your own life or state of being, you will more easily find fault in others. Inside is always a good place to start. How well do you accept your perceived faults and mistakes? How easily do you incorporate your failures into your life as valuable lessons and growth experiences? The w...