What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is about allowing you to objectively analyze your current situation, identify an alternative, and improve your outlook, so you can get from where you are to where you want to be. Life and wellness coaching is about helping you to realize your ideal life.

After carefully considering which coach is right for you, you’ll get to know each other and discuss your desires. Your coach will gently guide you through the process of uncovering your deepest fears and blocks, therefore exploring how you can overcome them to achieve the life you want.

Your chosen coach may be a mental coach, lifestyle coach, business or leadership coach, motivational coach, bereavement coach, or any other specialty.

A personal coach will help you to determine your best path to a greater self - a self who achieves deepest desires and celebrates victory! Your lifestyle coach will help you map out a path to your greatness - but you are in control. How far do you want to go?

You will be guided to find success and breakthrough the barriers that have always held you back. You need to be happy, so why not start here?

Your Earth Angel provides the map and the compass to teach you the tools and knowledge to overcome your fears and self doubt. Our expert coaches give you the care and guidance only a certified life coach can provide.

If you are in any way intrigued by what you've read on our site, if you feel drawn to a more satisfying and balanced life, then register today and receive your free 30 minute session.

Do I need a Life Coach?

Certified life coaching is becoming one of the most sought out careers and services, yet many people are confused about what a life coach does. Your Earth Angel can help demystify the coaching industry and give clarity on how a coaching session can benefit you.

Online coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their performance or quality of life. If you’re feeling stuck, and need to hone in on your goals, be held accountable, and map out your ideal future - you need the mentorship that only an experienced certified life coach.

Our life coaches will guide you through tough decisions, help advance your business or career, build healthy strong relationships, and much more. Having a professional coach to dig through the layers of doubt and confusion, to have a clear plan, and focus on your future will give you the momentum you need to live your best life.

Many of our clients seek coaching services because they feel lost. Whether its career, family or health oriented, our life coaches mentor you into wellness. With the help of an online life coach, you are guided through self discovery to uncover your deepest desires and how to bring them to fruition.

Your Earth Angel is right for you. You are able to explore the varying coaching styles of our caring accredited coaches. If you are looking for a specific modality, you’ll have every niche and specialty to choose from.

The most compelling reason to work with a professional coach is to build happiness. If you’re unhappy, you need a change. Your coach can help you determine what is making you unhappy, and how to overcome the obstacles preventing you from living a fulfilling life. Getting back to your values and changing your behaviors to support them is challenging. Your personal development coach will provide the strategies and teach you skills to ensure your success.

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How Can I Benefit from a Life Coach?

Are you having challenges in any area of your life? Then you can benefit from a professional coach who specializes in the areas on which you wish to improve.

You need a change, and change is here. It's convenient and easy - who would ask for more?

Who is right for you? A fitness coach, overall wellness coach, business or leadership coach, or spiritual coach? A different specialty? Look no further - Your Earth Angel has what you need!

No matter who you choose, a lifestyle coach can get you from wandering to achieving. Online coaching can help you while you follow through on your daily responsibilities to help keep you on the path to achieving your goals. There are many coaching tools that can help you to increase your sense of self, which will catapult you to new levels you would struggle to reach on your own. We care, and have a passion to help you see that you have a bright future.

Success coaches help you achieve just that- so what are you waiting for? Improve your health, career, relationships, or gain more clarity overall - we have the right coach for you. You can improve your wellbeing in so many ways, but let’s make it easy.

Learn to set goals, create a clear vision of your future, create a plan, and put it to action. Your Earth Angel will lovingly guide you through the process. Your situation is not as bad as it seems, we have a strong desire to show you why, and give you a plan to reach heights you didn’t think were possible.

Is motivation what you need? Mental clarity? Clearly defined goals with someone to help hold you accountable to reach those goals? If so, mentoring and counseling with Your Earth Angel is what you need.

The benefits are endless. Register today for your Free 30-minute Life Coach session.

How Can Your Earth Angel Help Me?

At Your Earth Angel, we are passionate about your success, and we work hard to empower you through our coaching methods right from the beginning. In fact, our entire team of life coaches is so dedicated to supporting you, we want you have 30-minutes of coaching absolutely FREE. There is no obligation, and it is so easy!

Here is how it works:

  1. You select a life coach that you want to try or allow us to handpick one for you.
  2. Schedule the time and date that works best for you.

It's really that easy.

Our extensive network of professional coaches is committed to teaching you discipline and specific skills you need to reach your goals. Our cutting-edge platform allows for greater accessibility providing you more access and avenues to incorporate coaching sessions into your busy life. You can connect in a variety of ways:

  • Online Coaching
  • Coaching By Email
  • Coaching Sessions In Person
  • Coaching By Phone or Skype

Using our services is simple. Browse through our online coach directory to determine who you would like to connect with on your journey. Regardless of what you’d like to achieve, we will have a coach to match your needs.

Explore our accredited coaches here to find your match. If you’re unsure how to choose a coach, we can do that for you.

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