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We usually associate the word "relationship" with "love". However, the definition of relationship is defined as a connection, association, or involvement.

You may have relationship issues with not just a lover, but possibly with a co worker, boss, friend, family, or people in general. Believe it or not, you can even have a troubled relationship with yourself!

Relationship guidance encompasses a very broad spectrum of issues. You need the proper tools to begin and maintain healthy relationships with anything or anyone you encounter in your life. Understand how to co-create with difficult people, strengthen the bond with a partner or friend, breed harmony in all areas of your life, and improve personal interaction.

A Love and Relationship Coach acts as a supportive partner on the road to healthier relationships. Whether you’re currently seeking advice in friendship or in business partnerships, single or partnered romantic relationships, or relationships with family members, a coach Will offer an objective and empowering look at your relating style, and offer guidance and support to attain more fulfilling relationships. If you’re dealing with changes that are affecting your relationship, a coach can help you work through the layers of patterning that may be affecting your interactions to help you move towards deeper connections in all relationships.

How does Life Coaching Help Me?


An LGBT coach can offer you support and guidance as you make changes in your gender identity or sexual orientation. Together, we can explore the LGBT community, and how its members embrace and empower one another. Learn to embrace your unique differences and make peace with your inner being. Our experienced life coaches help you to cope with acceptance, changes in family dynamics, social adjustments, bullying, and other hardships. Your confidence and self worth are your most important assets. We show you how to change your focus and develop these skills to break through the stigma and shame. As each obstacle is overcome, and each goal is reached, momentum toward the life of your dreams gains strength.

The coaches at Your Earth Angel provide tools to deal with emotional challenges faced by those of the LGBT community. We help you embrace and acclimate to a new community, address specific issues related to stigma or shame, and give relationship advice. Our coaches not only advise you, but devise an approach to help you maintain your most valued relationships throughout your transition.

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Divorce is never easy. You may find yourself on a rollercoaster of emotion. The end of a serious relationship can leave you feeling withdrawn, lethargic, angry, afraid, or emotionally and financially drained. It can be difficult to determine how to start your life over. Discerning the next step can feel like a huge burden. Thoughts of how you will adjust, how your family will adjust, what is best for your children, or how you’ll balance all the responsibilities on your own adds to your inner conflict. Your Earth Angel life coaches offer expert advice on how to work through the waves of emotions and obstacles as you rebuild your new life. Whether it is an amicable split, or one of great turmoil, we can help you to come to terms with the end of your marriage and move on to a happier, more fulfilling life.

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