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Get to Know Me Questions that Actually Work (No More Small Talk!)
Get to know me questions are a great way to take your conversations to a deeper level when you meet someone new. Have you ever wished you could come up with better conversational topics? Many people struggle with how to get past small talk and into a meaningful exchange that actually helps you learn more about the person you are talking to. Your Earth Angel is here to help you master easy chat techniques to help you with your next face-to-face encounter! Break the Ice with Engaging Get to Know Me Questions Studies have shown that most people dec...
Things to Talk to Your Girlfriend about
Five Things to Talk About with Your Girlfriend Have you finally met the girl you’ve been looking for, but struggle to keep the conversation flowing with her? You’re not alone. Here are five things to Talk About with Your Girlfriend about. Many people find it hard starting or having deep meaningful conversations, even though achieving a deeper connection is a common goal for most couples. Maybe you’ve never considered the importance of ongoing heart to heart dialogue, but long for more intimacy between you and your partner? Now is the time to take your relationship to new de...
Life Goals - Achieve Your Life Goals List Today
Life Goals - Achieve Your Life Goals List Today Are you ready to achieve your life goals list and soar to greater heights? Your Earth Angel is dedicated to helping you set personal goals and accomplish them step by step. Encountering and dealing with obstacles is a part of life. Imagine having the tools and proper mindset to not only face life’s challenges head-on, but triumph over them! Conquer Your Life Objectives and Grow Personal growth is an ongoing journey that only works with self-awareness. What are your strengths or weaknesses...
I Should Have Loved You More:
In my role as a hospital chaplain, I am often called to be with family as they gather at the bedside of their gravely ill loved one. Sometimes, and in certain circumstances in which a person has no chance of recovery, a family may make the inordinately difficult decision to have the breathing machine shut off that is keeping their beloved alive. “Soon after that…”, it is gently explained to them, “...death will come.” When the phone rings with this news, I go to them as quickly as I can. I stand with them as they stand vigil--watching, waiting, wide-ey...