Spiritual Growth - Life Coaching

Spiritual Growth: Developing a higher level of consciousness and awareness.

As human beings, we need to have a belief system in place to achieve and maintain a functioning society. We all believe in the basic rights of human existence, and we subconsciously live based on our instilled belief systems. By learning how to actively unravel our limiting beliefs, we more deeply engage and connect to our awareness: consciousness, God, Allah, Spirit and the like.

As we become more aware of acting on what is right intuitively, we then become one with our awareness on a higher level. The outcome is a path to a more peaceful, fulfilling life. The Your Earth Angel lifecoaching family will support you during your personal transformation. We will assist you in developing your own awareness so that you may connect with your inner being in peace and happiness. Our coaches help to bring forth, into this world, elevated positive energy.

Why do we offer a Free Life Coaching Session?


Intuition is our superpower. Some are naturally more attuned to it than others. Often overlooked as a sense, intuition can be developed and trained. A simple analogy is that of being in a dark room. At first, you feel closed in darkness and uncertainty. As your senses adjust to your environment, you begin to 'see' in a different light.

Throughout our lives, we have been taught to honor the rational mind above all. In many cases, children are inadvertently raised to stifle imaginations and quiet their inner voices.

Intuition is primal. It's impulsive. It's never wrong. With the guidance of our team, learn to quiet the mind and better tune in to what your higher self is guiding you toward. Calm your mind with ease by controlling your inner thoughts. Our intuitive life coaches can aid you in navigating the road to breaking the habits of negative thought patterns, and the devastation negative thinking can bring into your life. You will be introduced to new strategies to strengthen your intuition, while learning to identify body cues that will validate your experiences.


Along life's path, there are many transitions. At times, a drive for a change takes over, but you don't feel you have the clarity or sense of direction as to how you'll transform your life. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and lost. Spinning your wheels with no result is completely exhausting. How to get to where you want to be from where you are can be a frustrating, elusive question. You have a deep desire to make your life different, but can't find the "how." Our accredited life coaches have extensive experience in helping clients to create a plan of success, yielding a life with less stress and anxiety. You are taught methods of eliminating toxic people and situations from your life, remove negativity or self-sabotage, and let your inner light shine. We provide the map and the compass, and look forward to guiding you through your transformation to the optimum you!

Across the planet, transformation is occurring in countless ways. The constant is that, with great transformation, comes uncertainty and fear. Whatever the scenario; family life, career, social, personal growth or curiosity, you’ll find the guidance you desire, and support you deserve at Your Earth Angel.

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