An Ode to Your Inner Child

Your Inner Child is the part of you that remembers the magic in life. They will be distracted by squirrels and kittens and butterflies in the middle of a supposedly serious moment. They connect you with the joy, enchantment and mystery at all times, and remind you to look at life with innocence and freshness. They will show you the way to play when life feels challenging and stagnant, and demonstrate that a little mischief can lighten most moods.

Your Inner Child helps you pinpoint your desires and the things that make your heart sing. They can also guide you to what doesn’t feel good, because it hurts or frightens them. They teach you to use your heart as a measure of resonance, and to Trust, with a capital T. They are the part of you that cries when they’re hurt and laughs when they’re happy, and doesn’t think about shutting down those feelings. They’re the part that loves whole-heartedly, with the purity of their big, open heart. Your Inner Child knows how to throw themselves into things without the fear and resistance that comes of being hurt or feeling jaded. Like The Fool of the tarot, they keep on trusting, loving and exploring; expecting that life will be wonderful and offer them goodness in return.

Your Inner Child will play until they fall into a sleepy, spent heap on the floor, ready for a new adventure tomorrow. They know they are beautiful, and express that beauty in incredible and creative ways. Your Inner Child wants so much to be seen, heard and acknowledged. They will lash out in ‘bad’ behaviour when they’re ignored; distractions and addictions are just a couple of indications of their discord. They want you to heed their calls for fun, joy and excitement. They want you to follow your heart despite your own fears of pain and rejection. They want you to be in harmony with the world around you, feeling whatever arises simply as a taste of what the world has to offer.

Your Inner Child doesn’t want you to wallow in self-hatred, blame, shame, self-pity or victimhood. These aren’t natural states of being for a child’s heart and soul. They want you to seek out the bliss you sense and follow the path to expansion. They want you to walk away from people and situations that feel abusive or wrong in any way, and trust that something better is being lined up for you. Whatever you do to hurt yourself hurts your inner child. It’s like locking them in a dark closet where they can’t express themselves or offer you their wisdom. Being disconnected from you is a sense of great frustration and anguish for your Inner Child. They want to guide you, play with you, and feel the world through you. They will lead you on the path to your deepest healing and most powerful connections. All they want is for you to acknowledge them, and integrate their fabulous wisdom into your life.

They’ve known all the pain you’ve known, and are still eager to forgive and enjoy life. They understand deeply that love is a gift to be given, no matter whether it is returned to you or not. The act of giving so freely comes from their innate connection with the Source of all things, which is pure Love. Let them connect with you. Let them teach you. Let them Love you. Your life will change in miraculous ways.